Navigating the terminology surrounding coffee can be difficult and it may even prevent you from discovering your new favorite coffee drink. If you’ve ever gazed at a coffee menu and felt confused by the options in front of you, you’re not alone! 

Here at Witch’s Brew Cafe in Locust Grove, we want to make sure you understand what goes into the different types of coffee so you can order confidently. While coffee is the broad term that defines the actual liquid extracted from coffee beans, the manner in which the drink is prepared defines it as a certain type of coffee drink. Continue reading below to learn what makes each type of coffee drink unique, then find your new favorite at Witch’s Brew Cafe today!


If you’re looking for a hard-hitting cup of coffee, or if you want a strong base for another coffee drink, espresso is for you. In short, espresso is a coffee-making method that pressurizes near-boiling water through finely-ground coffee beans. Because of how fine the grinds are, shots of espresso are some of the strongest, most aromatic, and caffeine-packed types of coffee available. 

You can order a shot of espresso as a single drink for a quick pick-me-up. Oftentimes, though, espresso shots are the coffee base for flavored beverages.


If the flavor of espresso is just a bit too strong for your taste but you’re still looking for an unsweet beverage, try an Americano. This drink is simply a combination of espresso and hot water, creating a more mild, less intense taste. The ratio of water to espresso can vary based on how strong you want your coffee, but a typical Americano contains one or two shots of espresso with the rest of the cup being filled by hot water.


A macchiato is a nice mix for coffee drinkers who like a touch of sweetness without losing the dominant flavor of espresso. This drink consists of a mixture of espresso and frothy milk, creating a noticeable layer of foam on top of the drink. In most cases, a small amount of foam is added to the espresso base. However, there are some variations of the coffee beverage in which the foam dominates the espresso.


This drink can be viewed as a slightly tamer version of a macchiato as steamed milk is added to the espresso and milk foam. The additional milk tames the bold flavor of the espresso a bit without completely removing it. Ideally, a cappuccino will consist of even amounts of all three ingredients and can be topped with cinnamon or another sweet addition.


Upon first taste, you might mistake a latte for a cappuccino. And while the two coffee drinks do use the exact same ingredients, the ratios of each one cause some noticeable differences. Rather than including equal amounts of each ingredient like a cappuccino, the main element of a latte is the steamed milk. Depending on desired strength, mix one to two shots of espresso with six ounces of steamed milk, top it with a thin layer of foam, and add your desired flavor of syrup for a sweeter touch.


If you’re in the market for a coffee drink that barely tastes like coffee, mochas are for you! While most mochas do still contain two shots of espresso, the coffee flavor is largely masked by steamed milk, some form of chocolate syrup, and whipped cream. Mochas can be made with white chocolate, dark chocolate, and more, and they’re often mixed with other flavors for a sweet sensation.

Regardless of which type of coffee you want to try, Witch’s Brew Cafe in Locust Grove has the delectable combinations to please all types of taste buds. From rich Americanos brewed using coffee beans from our friends at Orange County Roasters to speciality flavored lattes, including our famous Sea Salt-Caramel-Toffee Latte, we have something for everyone. Stop by Witch’s Brew Cafe today to taste the different types of coffee for yourself.